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FSC-Harvard Fellowships - Equipment List

Production equipment available to fellows, depending on availability, includes:

video cameras
Canon XA10
Panasonic GH1 & GH2
Panasonic HMC150
Panasonic HVX200
Sony HXR-NX70U
Sony NEX-FS100U
Sony HVR-Z1U

16mm film cameras
Aaton 7 LTR
Beauliou R16
Bolex H16 Reflex

audio recorders
Sound Devices 702
Sound Devices 788T
Sony PCM-M10
Sony PCM-D50
Tascam DR-680

audio mixers
Sound Devices MixPre

AKG C 451 EB / CK2
Ambient Emesser
Sanken CMS-10
Sanken CSS-5
Schoeps CMC 6 / MK 4 / MK 41
Sennheiser K6 / ME64 / ME66
Sennheiser MKH 405
Sennheiser MKH 815
Shure SM7B
Sonic Studios DSM-1S/H with PA-S3X-U preamp
Sony ECM-680S

wireless microphone systems
Lectrosonics UM400 / UCR100
Sony URX-P1 / URX-B1

Bogen and Gitzo tripods, shoulder mounts, Fig Rig, Lowell lighting kit, digital still cameras, Rycote mic wind protection, etc.

Postproduction facilities include:
Apple Macs with professional video editing software, HDV/DVCAM decks, Matrox or Kona HD I/O cards, production monitors, mixers, and near-field audio monitors.

Two 8-plate Steenbecks are available for editing either super 16 or regular 16mm film.

Fellows also have access to our in-house 5.1-channel audio postproduction facility, equipped with Nuendo, ProTools, Izotope and Waves audio processing plugins, and Dynaudio Acoustics monitoring.

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