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FSC-Harvard Fellowships - Equipment List

Production equipment available to fellows, depending on availability, includes:

video cameras
Sony a7S and a7Sii w/ Tilta camera rigs
Sony PXW-FS5
Sony PXW-X70
Sony HDR-TD20 3D
GoPro Hero3 and Hero4
DJI Osmo
Panasonic Lumix GH3, GH4, and GH5
Panasonic AG-DVX200
Canon C100
Canon XA10

video monitors / recorders
Video Devices PIX-E7 4K video recording monitor w/ PIX-LR

16mm film cameras
Aaton LTR 7
Beaulieu R16 “Electric” and “Automatic”
Bolex H16 REX-4 and REX-5
Arriflex 16S

audio field recorders
Sound Devices 788T
Sound Devices 702
Sound Devices MixPre-3
Sound Devices MixPre-6
Zoom F4
Tascam DR-701D
Tascam DR-680

handheld audio recorders
Sony PCM-M10
Sony PCM-D100

audio mixers
Sound Devices MixPre and MixPre-D
Sound Devices 633

mono microphones
AKG C451EB / CK1 cardiod mic
AKG D224E dynamic mic
Audio-Technica AT4022 omni mic
DPA SMK4060 boundary layer omni mics (pair)
Rode NTG-1 shotgun mic
Sanken CS-3e shotgun mic
Sennheiser ME62, ME64, and ME66 omni, cardiod, and super-cardiod mics
Schoeps “Colette” system microphones w/ MK4 cardiod & MK41 supercardiod capsules (matched stereo pairs)

stereo microphones
Audio-Technica AT-BP4025 X/Y stereo mic
Audio-Technica AT825 cardiod stereo mic
Rode Stereo VideoMic, Stereo VideoMic Pro, and StereoVideoMic X
Roland binaural in-ear microphones
Sanken CMS-10 M/S stereo shotgun mic
Sanken CSS-50 short stereo shotgun mic
Sanken CSS-5 stereo shotgun mic
Sonic Studios DSM headworn mics
Sony ECM-680S M/S stereo shotgun mic

specialty audio equipment
Aquarian Audio H2a-XLR hydrophone
Audiotalia stereo contact mic
Holophone H4 Super Mini 5.1 surround mic
JrF coil pickup
JrF d-series hydrophone
MoleRat EMF Audio electromagnetic field explorer
Rode SC6 w/ SmartLav mic
Sennheiser Ambeo ambisonic VR microphone

wireless / lavelier microphone systems
Lectrosonics MM400C / UCR100 waterproof
Lectrosonics UM400 / UCR100
Sennheiser eW100 G3
Sony UWP-C1

Lowel Blender LED lights
Lowel Omni, Tota, and Pro-Light halogen lights
Arri 200W HMIs

tripods and supports
Bogen, Sachtler, and Gitzo tripods and monopods
Steadicam Merlin and Comodo Orbit stabilization rigs
DJI Ronin-M 3-axis gimbal stabilizer

A wide range of lenses in Sony E, Canon EF, Micro 4/3, C, Nikon F, Aaton, and Arri Standard mounts (fellows may request a complete list)

Postproduction facilities include:
Apple Mac Pros and iMacs with the Adobe CC suite, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools, legacy video tape decks, production monitors, mixers, and near-field audio monitors. An 8-plate Steenbeck is available for editing 16mm film.

Fellows also have access to our in-house 5.1-channel audio postproduction facility, equipped with Reaper, ProTools, Izotope and Waves audio processing plugins, and Dynaudio Acoustics monitoring.

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